W hen Isabel Sabato was a young girl, she used to beg her sister to lend her some of her “jewels”, promising that she wouldn’ t break any of them. But of course, by the end of the day she would go back to her with the ” broken jewel” and tell her sister ” don’t worry, I promise you that when I’m older I am going to be a ” jeweller” and I ‘m going to fix all the things I broke. Her sister used to smile, she couldn’t get angry with her because Isabel was her younger sister and she loved her dearly.

Marina, her elder sister, who has become a great painter, taught her the essence of art with the help of games. The colours of the pallet, the warm and cold ones, contrasts, organic shapes, abstract art, conceptual art, but best of all she taught her to use her imagination, to dream and to believe that dreams can become real. The same can be said for her mother, Lidia, a classy and elegant lady with an exceptional sense of aesthetics; and for her father, Jorge, a wonderful pianist who brought joy to his family, playing the piano when he came home from work every day. Ernesto and Matilde, her grandparents, with whom she shared all her week-ends, also contributed in her love for art. Her grandmother, was a marvellous poet and told her fantastic stories; her grandfather passed on to her his passion for reading and a great truth ” Art is man’s only possible salvation”.

Isabel grew up, as well, with a strong sense of justice and, when she finished high- school, she decided to study law. She went to the Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Buenos Aires and graduated with honours.

It was during the year 2000 that she realised that law was not her niche in the world, although she still wanted to go on with her formation. At that moment she decided to go to London for a year, but instead she stayed 4 years. She took a diplomacy in Social Policy and a Msc in Public Policy and Public Administration at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Then she understood that the time had come to follow her first passion, the one she had felt during her childhood. Without hesitating she took courses in jewellery and fashion design at the Central Saint Martins School of Arts and Design.

When she returned to Argentina she continued with her training in jewellery, bijoux and design technics. She had just turned 40 and realised that the time had come to follow and live her passion. She found a workshop where she could explore new techniques that helped her to define her identity as a designer.

Looking at her old copybooks, she found a sentence she had written in the year 2000: ” Vocation, wishful thinking…… dreams that turn into passion with routines. Nothing is more magic and contradictory”. With this premise she decided to follow her real vocation and turn it into her most important life project.

This is how SI Sabato Isabel was born.